More Ways to Use Mirrors In Your Home Design

Mirrors look so beautiful in any design and let face it, the more mirrors the better right. You’re able to look at yourself at every angle and ensure that you look your best at all times. Current trends are placing mirrors in more places but with great care to ensure that it matches whatever design is in play. Before you have your mirror installation Auckland check out the latest trends to see which are right for you. Trends are making mirrors more of a focal point in different rooms and areas that they didn’t used to be.

Focal Point

It’s important to keep in mind that you want your mirrors to be a focal point in your design. You can do this by using fun textured frame glass mirrors. Over mantel pieces, you can add a medium sized mirror to add pizzazz to your living room or dining room space. Textured mirrors can be made in a of variety of different materials from wood, to metal, to stone all able to blend in and be the focus point in your overall design. Sometimes having a large mirror can help to draw eyes to the space. This must be accomplished with small detailed mirrors as well.

Tiny’s rooms and spaces

A great place to put a mirror is in a small room. A great mirror will make a space feel larger and more open even if it’s not very large originally. A floor-length frameless mirror installation with a nice chair with the decorative pillows can create a space that you’ll love to spend time in. This is ideal for reading nooks or maybe tea rooms that don’t require a lot of space but want to feel open even if that’s not possible in the confines of the space.

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Hallways can be dark and scary and plain walls can make it a space that you just want to get through to head into the next room. But narrow hallways are another place you can always use a mirror. A long mirror installed at the right height can make a dark hallway feel less creepy and more open. Couple this with art on each side of the mirror for a beautiful display that will keep her hallway feeling lively the more of a place where you want to take your time walking through to notice the art or just your reflection as you make your way to the next room of the house.

Staircases are another place that deserve a mirror. Especially if it’s a series of mirrors all the way up the stairs to give the space a more fun look. Using different sized and shaped mirrors on the staircase along with some family photos can be a creative way to show off all your favorite baby pictures of the kids. Ensure that you don’t use too many straight lines and that you just make the space kind of fun in order to showcase more of the mirrors and less of your other decor.

Don’t Overdo It

Wall mirrors can and should be spread around the house to create great Feng shui and make interesting focal points. You should be cautious about placement of mirrors. You should try to avoid having too many mirrors in your bathroom or kitchen. A few is fine cuz what’s a bathroom without a mirror to look at yourself in. But dont think a full wall mirror in your kitchen because that may look a bit awkward. Not to mention a pain to clean with all the food stuff. Another place you want to avoid putting mirrors would be on the ceiling. This is not only a cleaning nightmare but it’s definitely a 60s and 70s design feature that should be left there with all the other bell bottom pants.

Large Mirrors

Large mirrors can be very dangerous and it’s always important to ensure that you have the right installers in order to keep everyone safe. If you’re interested in a large frameless mirror it’s a very good idea to hire mirror installation Auckland for all of your installation needs. They will be able to help center and install mirror so that it is safe and easy way to enjoy.

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Mirrors are beautiful addition to any decor. Mirrors bring it all kinds of light into an area. You need mirrors in order to continue to look your best have them in places you wouldn’t normally like hallways and staircases. Make a statement with textured or themed mirrors over mantels or in dining rooms.  Always stay cautious about your placement of mirrors and ensure that you don’t overdo it. And if you choose large mirrors get a quote from a mirror installer Auckland to ensure that it’s hung safely for all to enjoy.

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