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5 Easy to-do’s for glass windows to beat the Chill

It’s winter time and everyone seems to be running an eye across the room, as to shut down all possible places for any drafts. Most of the time, in most cases, the concern mainly rests upon the door and windows.

While you can’t do much about the door but the windows can very well be taken care of, to ward off the cold weather and keep your abode cosy.

Draft Stoppers:

The draft stopper is probably the easiest way to insulate your drafty windows, to start with. All you have to do is to make a tube of fabric the length of your window sill and fill it with dried rice. If you want to be creative, get some ideas from Pinterest or Amazon, you will be inspired by many ideas.

Thick or Insulated Curtains:

The most common way to keep out the draft is to get some thick, layered curtains for your glass windows. Keep them closed during the night, while in daylight let the sunlight shine inside to keep the room warm. You can also buy insulated curtains from your nearest store or buy them online, most are coming with built-in thermal backing.

Cellular Shades:

Cellular shades are quite in demand these days. Available in many shades, colours and designs they not only add up to the interior decoration but insulates your windows against drafts.  

Window Insulation:

Glass window insulation kits are getting popular now. Available online and in stores, these window insulation kits control the heat of your room by insulating your windows completely. Window insulation is basically an adhesive transparent tape or tint that sticks to the window panes and frames, zeroing on the draft coming in and keeping the room temperature warm.

Rubber Sealing:

Weatherproofing your glass windows has never been easy, thanks to rubber sealing tapes you can now seal any type of cracks or angles and curves in your glass window or frames. A normal rubber sealing tape will increase the R-value by 9% when applied to an average single pane window.

This is a great saving of money and energy. These rubber sealing are moisture resistant and does not peel off due to moisture on your windows. They can also be used on doors to seal off any holes or slits and stop drafts from coming in.

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