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Glass Splashbacks : Why We Love Them In The Kitchen

Glass Splashbacks Auckland

Superior Glass provides a full range of glass splashbacks in Auckland so will have an option to suit your needs. All our splashbacks are custom made to your exact size and shape requirements. This includes taking into account cut outs for cupboards and other features in your kitchen. You can also choose from a wide range of colours to ensure the splashback matches your kitchen’s décor.

You will get the highest quality result when you come to us as well as a 10-year warranty on the paint used in the glass. In addition, we use low-iron glass that does not have the natural green tint that’s in other types of glass. This makes the colour on your splashback richer.

Benefits of Using Glass Splashbacks – Superior Glass Auckland

  • Scratch resistant
  • More modern and stylish alternative to tiles
  • Highly effective at protecting your walls from water and other types of splash
  • Easy to clean
  • Can also be used as a whiteboard for keeping notes, to-lists, and more

Our Service in Auckland

You can get us in to measure your walls which we’ll then use to give you a quote. Alternatively, you can email us the measurements and we’ll give you a quote based on that. When measuring, however, make sure you include cut outs for things like cupboards and power points etc.

Once you’re happy with the quote we’ll visit your home for free to measure and help you decide on the right colour. We’ll then get the splashback manufactured, keeping you informed of the expected installation date. The installation will then be completed by our experienced and skilled team.

Glass Splashbacks in Auckland

Everyone wants to keep their home as clean as possible. Especially their kitchen, for this is where you prepare your food &eat it. But more often than not you’ll find not only the shelves dirty but find dirt &grease accumulating in the crevices in the kitchen.

The days when you had to deal with the dirty old tiles are a thing of past now. They are a nuisance to clean even when they are new, &almost impossible to clean if they’re old because of the cracks & scratches. No matter how expensive the tiles are, after a while, their color withers, they begin to appear dull & to be fair no one likes such lackluster tiles in their kitchen. For kitchen is the only place in a home that should always look spick &span.

The solution to this issue is glass splashbacks. They are a true value for money deal, they are longer lasting &are easier to clean. Glass splashbacks actually serve their purpose i.e. help prevent stains &keep your kitchen tidy, unlike tiles or marble.

Quality Glass Splashbacks for Your Kitchen

Glass SplashBacks are the latest tech that is rapidly replacing the old, obsolete &redundant ceramic tiles. Tiles are held together by cement which normally withers over time because of daily cleaning &scrubbing. The empty crevices are a breeding ground for bacteria &algae which is a health hazard.

Use glass splashbacks to avoid such issues. Glass splashbacks have proven to be more rugged &longer lasting than tiles or any other material for that matter.

Home designs have evolved greatly during recent years, especially kitchen designs. Modern design &architecture is all about simplicity &utility &neatness. Tiles, however, fail to meet this criterion &to serve the purpose for the most part. Especially conventional ceramic tiles. That is why designers &innovators are coming up with more &more alternatives to conventional methods. Yes, tiles will still be there. They will still be used in the construction of a home but their design and/or the material used is being changed to make things smoother &agile.

“Kitchen designers” prefer glass splashbacks because they’re easier to install & are built around the cupboards & power sockets instead of cutting tiles to make room for power sockets &cupboards and/or other utilities.

“Kitchen glass splashbacks” are the next step in innovation. They are a seamless wall of glass covering &protecting your wall behind from stains &grease. Stains &grease will always accumulate in a kitchen but with “Kitchen splashbacks” it is easier to clean &takes far less time comparatively.

We guarantee a tidier kitchen &hassle-free cleaning. No more scratched surface. It is easier to clean because it is seamless, no more empty spaces in between tiles because cement has worn out. Hence, no accumulation of dirt in those crevices which in turn means no or fewer bacteria or germs. The Amount spent on glass splashbacks far exceeds its benefits in the long run when compared to savings in health bills &cleaning products &the time consumed on keeping your kitchen tidy.

You can also use the glass splashback to take notes, write recipes or other purposes. The writing will just come off easily with a simple wipe. Just imagine the convenience of being able to note things down then &there with the use of a simple non-permanent marker. Or keep track of the things that you are going to buy on your next visit to the grocery store.

There is a wide range of splashback designs available with Superior glass ltd. You can choose from the wide available range of colors &designs to suit your design &taste. You are no longer bound by the limitation of colors available in store. You can choose whatever color you want to go with that newly purchased oven or refrigerator. You can also mix &match.

Superior glass ltd is known for its quality products &excellent pre &after-sales services. Superior glass ltd. is a name that people trust. Most of our clients are referrals. We are licensed &have a team of highly talented &professional individuals helping out the clients

Call us today for a free advice &a quote &someone from our expert &experienced team of kitchen designers will visit your home to take measurements &help you in making an informed choice. You can also take measurements yourself &provide our team with measurements over the phone &they’ll give you an estimated quotation based on the measurements that you provided for the glass splashbacks. Just make sure that you have excluded the area that will be left open for power sockets &appliances &cupboards.

To find out more or to get a free quote, please call now on 021 730 629. Find Further Contact Details.

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