Stunning and Functional Glass Features for Your Home

Superior Glass is one of the Leading Specialist Glass Service Based in Auckland. If you want a glass feature in your home, you should contact Superior Glass. Our team has extensive experience designing, producing, and installing glass solutions for householders in Auckland. Get in touch with us today to find out more and to get a free quote.

Your Specialist Glass Service

  • Splashbacks – the walls around your sink need to be protected from splashing water. The traditional solution is to install tiles, but glass splashbacks are more modern, clean, and attractive. They come in a range of colours so are stylish too. Find out more. Superior Glass Ltd. Auckland
  • Mirrors – do you want an individually designed mirror that will be a feature in your room? Do you need a mirror that is a specific size and shape? The solution is to get a custom-made, high-quality mirror from us. Find out more at Superior Glass Ltd. Auckland
  • Shower screens – glass shower screens are the best way to keep water in your shower and away from the rest of your bathroom. They look great too, making your bathroom brighter more spacious. Plus, they’re stylish and easy to clean. Find out more at Superior Glass Ltd. Auckland
  • Pet doors – if you have a glass back door, we have a pet door solution for you. They look better than traditional pet doors, plus they let light in. Our solutions are custom made so will fit any size of pet. Find out more.

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To find out more about any of the services we offer, or to get a quote, please contact us today. We can even arrange a free visit to your home to measure where the glass needs to go.

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