Glass Shower Doors: So Many Options

Your bathroom is a place to escape at the end of a long hard day. A place of reprieve to unwind after all the stresses of the outside world. Your bathroom should give you a sense of peace like no other room in the house can offer. Your shower is a very important part of your bathroom allowing you to rest and relax in hot water to unwind and relax tense muscles. Did you know that your shower could be more luxurious. Your shower can be more than just a space for the water to come down. The choices in shower doors have become much more various due to the new advances in glass technology. You don’t have to settle for clear plain glass shower auckland. There are so many choices when it comes to the shower glass that it may be hard to just choose one for you shower auckland.

Tinted Glass Shower

Glass shower doors are usually just clear and plain. But why not pump it up for the personality and design of your bathroom. Tinted glass is a fairly popular trend for glass shower doors. Tinted doors are colored in variety of different shades that can help create a amazing focal point in your bathroom. There are many shades to choose from. You can choose just one color like sea foam green that will still be translucent enough to see through and allow light to travel around the openness of your shower. Or you can make it a darker color like ash gray or brown that while still translucent aims to give a more dark appearance for over darker designed bathrooms. The glass can even be a combination of different colors blue, green and yellow to create a fun focal feature in your bathroom design. There are so many different combinations and options when it comes to colors for your tinted glass shower doors.

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Textured Glass Shower

Textured glass shower doors are a older trend that has been coming back to bathroom renovation designs. They can be textured in a number of different ways to bring some depth and character into your shower auckland. This also allow you to have more privacy because of the lower visibility. Textures like bubbles and and rain texture can make a big impact on the the visual appearance in the bathroom. A textured design with geometric shapes in different sizes can make for an interesting visual. Textured shower doors allow for the light and open feel of your bathroom to flow but at the same time allowing for a bit of privacy.

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Folding Glass

Another popular trend that has been surfacing in in bathroom renovation is folding glass. This glass allows for a more versatile look and function in your bathroom. This can be done frameless with advanced hardware that makes it an incredible addition as a shower screen. It can also be done framed on hardware overhead or below to give you this great swivel. This can be optimal for small bathrooms where you won’t be be able to open a traditional shower doors on hinges. There can be a bi- fold type that allows the shower to fold up like a card. An in-fold shower door will allow the user to push the door inward to fold on the inside of the shower in a card like manner. Each of these choices can be done with a frame or on hardware to keep it moving smoothly.

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There are so many options when it comes to customizing your shower auckland. It’s not just all about the shower heads and the tiles. Your shower glass doors can come in a variety of colors, textures and ultimately folds. Colors allow the shower doors to take on the design theme of the rest of the bathroom. Textures allow for the shower to gain a bit of character and privacy while still allowing in all of the light and openness of glass. And folded glass doors allow for small bathrooms still still have There is no end to the combinations and customization that can be made for custom glass shower doors. Each of these choice can create a whole new shower experience and give your bathroom a new kind of character that wouldn’t be able to achieved with traditional shower glass doors. Put your best foot forward and explore all the options there are for a glass shower door with as much personality as you have.

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