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Glass Splashbacks : Why We Love Them In The Kitchen

Glass splashbacks are a great feature to put in any kitchen.  They are as functional as they are beautiful. This simple small detail in any kitchen saves work spaces and stove backs from getting grease stains and other food splashes. They are easy to clean and come in more colors and design variety than you can imagine all at an affordable price that will amaze you. These are a few of the reasons that designers love these Auckland splashbacks.

Easy cleaning

The best part about a glass splashbacks is the ease of cleaning. You don’t have to use harsh chemicals to clean the glass despite it getting covered in grease and food grime. You can try a minute green cleaning solution.  The cleaning can be done with simply a mix of white vinegar and water. This simple mix leaves you with sparkling and streak free shine. It’s a very easy material to clean.

Endless color options

Glass splashbacks come in every color imaginable. You won’t be able to find another splashback Auckland material that comes with more options.  This allows you to put it in any kitchen no matter what the overall color or style. It makes it the ideal to go splashback choice for designers.

The wow factor

Glass splashbacks are so customizable besides just the color,  allowing designers to add small details to any kitchen.  You can choose through a wide variety of textured finishes.  You can also pick a printed glass. This allows you to have pictures and designs with out concern with fading or maintenance. This can allow you to make the glass splashback a large feature instead of letting it fade beautifully into the kitchen design. There’s no end to the type of details you can add, either just over your stove or all across your workspace top.

Affixing options

Now there is so many ways to affix glass splashbacks. One option is to span the entire wall under the cabinets in one seamless glass piece. This is a clean cut option and you don’t see much of the glue spots. Another option is to also have multiple panes of glass with multiple points of affixing.  This breaks up the space about and can incorporate printed splashback designed or printed. Other options include just having a few panes spaced out along the wall. Either small and stacked horizontally or wide setup side by side but with space inbetween.

Flexible for the budget

Now you may think that the glass splashback would be expensive for all the options you get. That’s the beauty of the material. It allows for such versatility on such a great budget.  You can choose to just cover the workspace and your stove top or you can down the entire back kitchen walls. All this and the price won’t reach anything unreasonable.  It’s a great material that allows you to be good to your budget and still have a creative design

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Glass splashbacks are such a great option for any kitchen.  It is easy to maintain and allows you to clean without chemical cleaners. It comes in and endless array of colors that gives it versitily in any design. Small details like texture,  and designs can bring you backsplash from being just a background feature to being your main statement feature for your kitchen. Affixing options give you a variety of different style and placement options. The best part of this Auckland splashbacks the flexibility in price.  You don’t have to spend a lot to get so much. Glass splashbacks are a beautiful and functional design feature for any kitchen design.

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